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Transport in Finland

We have a distribution network that covers all of Finland.

We are specialized in transporting gardening-goods, groceries as well as scheduled goods for industry and temperature-controlled shipments. We manage transports mainly with our own equipment. Our professional drivers also know the requirements of demanding transports and the transports will be managed reliably and in time.

We also offer custom terminal and storage services. We unload arriving shipments in Vuosaari and load them up for domestic transport.

Our terminals have cold rooms and premises approved for the processing of food products.

Strong operator in the gardening-sector

We transport cut-flowers, pot-plants, seedling-products and other products for the garden. We distribute twice a week all goods coming from abroad by taking advantage of our distribution-network which covers whole Finland. Additionally to products from abroad, we also transport products from domestic growers. During the spring-season we transport plants daily to different places in Finland from our Vuosaari-terminal.

Our customers are ia business centers for convenience goods, shops and gardens which are selling products for gardens as well as growers.



Airocide-aircleaning reduces wastage

The world’s most effective air cleaning-technology ensures the best transport-conditions for sensitive goods and clean air for the whole time of the transport.

Airocide-cleaning increases the selling-time significantly and reduces the wastage during storage and selling. Airocide cleans the loadspace of bacteria, viruses, mold- and fungus-spores as well as ethylene within an hour and keep the air clean for the whole time of the transportation. The cleaning prevents of damages caused by ethylene and slows down the aging of the products.


Climate-controlled transport for the horticultural sector.

Transport in Finland

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