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Do you need temporary storage? Are you temporarily moving abroad or are your things in the way during renovation, for example? We have warm and dry storage spaces for consumers and businesses alike. See also information about our international moving services here!


In Jyväskylä and in Vuosaari, Helsinki

Kuljetus ja muutto O. Jylhä Oy’s office is located in Seppälä, Jyväskylä at the address Palokärjentie 6. Our terminal and moving services office also operate out of the same address. Our terminal also has storage space, which we rent out to businesses and to private consumers.

Our other terminal is located in Vuosaari harbour, Helsinki, in logistics area N. The street address is Seilorinkatu 1, hall B 15. Detailed driving directions and current door codes for the Vuosaari terminal can be obtained from the Vuosaari hotline, 044 7651111. In addition to our other terminal services, we also offer storage space for private consumers as well as businesses.


Storage containers

We use plywood containers about 7 m3 in size for storage. They are stored in a warm, locked warehouse. The storage period can vary from one day to several years, depending on the needs of the customer. We only charge for the storage days used, based on the quantity of goods.

One storage container holds roughly the amount of belongings that fit in a studio apartment. For larger quantities of goods, we use several storage containers.

We can also transport your belongings to storage and back.

Our professional movers will pack the storage container carefully and smartly. Our workers will also take care of protecting the items.

For long-term storage, we recommend packing things into sturdy cardboard boxes instead of plastic moving boxes. We have cardboard boxes for sale at our terminals. Find out more about our packing supplies here.



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by call: +358 14 338 1500

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