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Moving boxes

We rent durable and stackable moving boxes. These boxes volume is 52 and 69 liters.
By renting these boxes you can speed up the procedure of the move and assure that e.g. dishes and easily breakable items remain intact during the transport.

During the transport the usage of these moving boxes speed up the proceed of the move, because of the fact, that the boxes are stackable, when they are packed in the right way and it can be handled several at the same time with a hand truck.

We rent those moving boxes to the price of 0.17 euros/piece/day.


Other packaging material

We sell cardboard-boxes in suitable sizes for different purposes. We also have tall boxes for clothes, in which you can hang your clothes on hangers. Thus your clothes do not suffer during the move and are ready for use quickly in your new home.

We always have blankets for the moving in our moving-trucks, with which you can protect furniture’s and other items of dirt and smashes. We suggest to protect easily breakable items like glass and paintings e.g. with bubble wrap.

Packaging material for sale

  • Cardboard-boxes, various sizes
  • Stretch film
  • Bubble wrap
  • Silk paper
  • Packaging tape