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Moves to abroad

Kuljetus ja muutto O. Jylhä Oy have done moves from Finland to all over Europe and from all over Europe to Finland for over 30 years. Moves to/from abroad are always tailored to the wishes of the customers.

For the moves to/from abroad we use our own trucks and our experienced drivers, who has experience for years in operating abroad.

In order that the move to/from abroad works as good as possible for the customer we clear in advance the circumstances of the move place, the number of movables/items and we reserve a suitable truck and professional movers.


Price of a move from/to abroad

The costs of a move from/to abroad depends on the size of the home, the amount of movables and the circumstance of the move. The move-distance, the moves timetable and the international transport regulations influences the costs of the move.

In order to give you a quotation for your move to/from abroad, we kindly ask you to give us all information for the move by e-mail to muutto@transport-jylha.fi or by calling tel. +358 44 741 1519.



If you are moving abroad temporarily, and you don’t want to take everything from your old residence with you, Kuljetus ja muutto O. Jylhä has terminals adapted for long-term storage in Jyväskylä and in Vuosaari in Helsinki. Read more about our storage services here!


Specialised international transport

We also offer specialised international transport services. If you need to transport a piano, grand piano or hard-to-transport work of art, for example, remember to mention it when requesting a quote! Read more about our specialised transport services here!


Transport insurance

Our movers are knowledgeable and responsible professionals. If however a damage causes to our customers property during the move, the liability insurance of Kuljetus ja muutto O.Jylhä replaces for damages, which causes to customers real property.

Kuljetus ja muutto O. Jylhä has a road transport insurance according to the road transport law. This insurance replaces damages which are caused to customers real property during the move by Jylhäs staff 20 €/kg.

The customer can cover an additional insurance for the move if needed. This single-transport-insurance can be for the whole movables or for some single remarkably valuable items. It is good to pay attention to this before the move, if valuable work of arts, musical instruments or furniture’s belongs to the movables.

The movables however has to be packed suitably and breakable item has to be protected with care during the move.