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Moving for households in Finland

Moving assistance based on your needs!

With us, you can get all the services you need for moving house collectively under one roof. We offer everything you need for a successful move: experienced movers and the right tools for protecting objects and spaces as well as for transport. We can also move challenging special objects, such as pianos, bathtubs and safes, for example. We provide moving services from transport of single objects to turnkey moves. Together, we can create a custom move around your needs.

Whether you need assistance with moving or transport, or you just want to have the easiest move of your life, contact us! We are a family business in Jyväskylä with almost 60 years of moving experience, at your service! We always offer our customers competitive prices, professional service and flexible scheduling.

We mainly operate in Central Finland, and our office is located in Jyväskylä (with terminals in Helsinki, Germany and the Netherlands as well). We also do long-distance moves throughout Finland and even to Europe. Read more about international moves!


Request a quote

Request a free quote for your move. It isn’t binding in any way! For the move to go as smoothly as possible, it would be helpful to have as much information as possible about the move in advance. Careful planning will make the move more cost-effective. You can submit your information easily using the moving quote form or by calling +358 14 338 1500.


Moving and all related services under one roof:

We take care of your move all in one go. When you order moving services from us, you will have at your disposal Jylhä’s experienced movers as well as all the tools you need for a safe and efficient move. From us, you can get just the amount of moving services that you need!

Our experienced movers will save you a lot of time and headaches with your move. As a result of our professional skill and having the right equipment, we save time on moving items, loading the vehicle and unpacking. Our highly qualified movers will pack the vehicle compactly and smartly, so that as many things as possible will fit in the vehicle and we can move all your things at once. By using professional movers, you will also be spared injuries or damage to people, objects or the residence.

We can provide as much or as little moving assistance as you need.

Our movers use modern vehicles. We can provide the right size moving vehicle for any home, making your move cost-effective.

With a moving vehicle of the correct size, you will also not need to leave anything behind. The cargo spaces of our vehicles are climate-controlled, which is of primary importance when transporting flowers and plants, for example. In addition, you will not have to throw out the contents of your freezer, because we can transport your freezer without unpacking it, keeping it plugged in.

Do you have heavy and challenging items, such as a piano, grand piano, valuable antique cabinet, or bathtub? When transporting challenging items, it is ALWAYS worthwhile to engage a moving company, so that both the objects and people make it through the move in one piece. Moving large and heavy items is our bread and butter, and we have the right tools for protecting and transporting these items. Read more!

It pays to pay attention to packing for your move, and even a small investment can make your move significantly easier. With correct packing, your things will stay whole and clean as you move them to your new home. Proper protection and packing of your things will also ensure that your move goes smoothly.

Here are some examples of things to pay attention to during packing:

  • Moving boxes: with the proper moving boxes, small items can be transported quickly and safely. Small and fragile items are best packed in moving boxes, so that they stay in one piece through the move. Moving boxes make moving significantly faster and make logistics easier.
  • Protection: Breakable objects must be carefully protected to prevent damage. For example, bubble wrap or tissue paper should be used to protect dishes and ornaments.
  • Protecting furniture: The textile surfaces of sofas and beds should be protected with plastic sofa and mattress covers during the move. This will save you extra cleaning costs after the move. Furniture can also become dented, so we use clean padding to protect furniture while loading the vehicle.
  • Floor protection: Moving causes more wear than usual to the floors of the spaces involved, so proper protection for floors is also recommended. The investment is small, but it may save you from replacing expensive parquet floors! If you wish, professional movers will take care of protecting your floors and spaces during the move.

You can easily obtain all the packing supplies you need at once from us. We can also deliver/pick up moving boxes and other needed packing materials direct to/from your door. Read more!

While moving, it is easy to go through your things and recycle old things that you don’t need any more. If you wish, as part of the move, we will agilely and cost-effectively take your unwanted things to be recycled.

Do you need temporary storage? We offer warm and dry storage spaces for your things. With us, you get storage services from one day to several years, and you pay only for the days you use the storage, based on the quantity of stored items. Read more!

The final clean-up can feel laborious and burdensome after a day of moving. If you would rather focus on getting your new home ready than on cleaning the old one, you can hire us for the final clean-up. We offer final clean-up services and cleaning services for your new residence through our partners.

Carefully protecting and packing your things is generally the most labour-intensive and time-consuming part of moving. However, proper packing of your movables prevents damage to your items and significantly speeds up the moving process. If you wish, we can pack and unpack as part of your move. With our professional skills, we can pack your movables swiftly, but also carefully.

If needed, we will also help you with unpacking: for example, emptying boxes, setting up new cabinets and even hanging paintings. We provide moving assistance all the way up to turnkey moves.

Our movers are capable and responsible professionals. If, however, damage is caused to the customer’s property during the move, Kuljetus ja muutto O. Jylhä’s liability insurance will cover the damage caused to the customer’s property.

Kuljetus ja muutto O. Jylhä has road transport insurance in accordance with the Road Transport Contract Act. This insurance covers damage caused by Jylhä’s personnel to the customer’s movable property during the move at €20/kg.

The customer may purchase additional insurance coverage for the move if they wish. This single transport insurance may cover all of the movables or a single especially valuable item. This is something to consider before the move, if the movables include ex. valuable works of art, musical instruments or furniture.

Movables must always be properly packed, however, and fragile items must be carefully protected during the move.


The costs of moving vary depending on the size of the residence, the quantity of movables and the moving conditions. Factors such as the distance between the residences, number of floors, size of the elevator, etc. affect the number of movers needed. It is best to fill in all possible information on the move quote form in order to obtain a price estimate. We charge by the hour for local moves and we charge a flat fee for long-distance moves, so you can be assured that no extra costs will be added to your total bill (such as petrol or kilometre charges).


You can pay for your move directly with the driver using cash or bank card.

If necessary, you can also pay for your move in instalments.

Instalment payments are only possible for domestic household moves. Up to 12 months interest free available for instalment payments! You can pay your whole bill all at once or select the payment option that’s best for you, up to 48 months.

Note: Instalment payments must be agreed upon before the move. Ask our expert staff for more information.

Instalment payments are offered in partnership with Resurs Bank.

Request a free quote for your move

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