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Providing transport since 1961

Kuljetus ja muutto O. Jylhä was founded in 1961 by Olavi Jylhä. During our early operations, we transported foodstuffs and operated removal lorries.

Back in the 1980s, Pekka Jylhä started transporting flowers flowers from the Netherland to Finland, and export shipments took sweet and biscuits to the markets of Central Europe.

Our operations have expanded over the decades, and Kuljetus ja Muutto O Jylhä Oy currently employs about 110 professionals in the transport sector and about 150 different transport units.

Our company has always been a 100% family business.

Our values move us forward

The values of our family business have lasted through the decades, and our operations are still supported by these values:

Our most important value to is to maintain a high quality of service. We keep our delivery chains as short as possible and offer the best transport conditions even for challenging products.

We monitor our shipments in real time, so that we can be sure that our shipments stay within the agreed-upon timetable and arrive at the correct temperature. With us, shipments are always “in good hands”.

We keep our promises!

Focus on the customer:
The basis of our operations is taking care of the customer’s transport needs, and our goal is a long-term partnership offering the customer the opportunity to develop their own business economically and effectively.

We are a person-sized partner to our customers, and ready to assist around the clock. We serve our customers in many languages, and do not hide behind complicated ordering systems.

Continual development of operations:
We want to continually develop our operations. We always make use of the newest technologies in the industry. We also provide training for our personnel regularly.

Green values:
Green values play a large role in our company. We always plan our transport routes to be as economical as possible, and we use solar power in our terminals. We use our own low-emission transport vehicle, which meens the Euro 6 standard. We have also adopted the first LNG articulated lorry.