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Art Transportation / Art Logistics

We are a full-service art transportation business.

Art transportation always requires special care and professionalism. We have more than 30 years of experience working in the arts. Our staff is trained and our drivers are well acquainted with the requirements of art transport and handle them with due care.

We have transported art domestically and across Europe. We also make shipments around the world through our reliable partners. We also provide art conservator services, both at home and abroad. The conservator service provides additional support and security for valuables.

We transport valuables all the way from individual works of art to full exhibitions. Everyone starts off with careful transportation planning.

Our services include all services related to the transportation of art

  • Packaging of works
  • Production of work boxes
  • Transport
  • Hanging of works
  • Possible customs clearance
  • Insurance
  • Storage

You can also get packaging supplies through us, e.g.

  • Bubble plastics
  • Tyvek
  • Tapes
  • Cellular plastics

Transport equipment suitable for art transport

We have our own, modern transport equipment for art transports. Our vehicles are air-suspended, the load compartment is temperature-controlled and our cars have GPS tracking. The monitoring of valuable transports is carried out in co-operation with the security company. We also manage to transport larger works of art through us, then the transport takes place through reliable partners and always under our supervision.

For us, all shipments are confidential. We always take care of the transports at the agreed time and inform the customer about the progress of the work as agreed.

At Jylhä, we are ready to help you! Contact us and we will work together to provide a transport service that suits your needs.

Ask for a quote for transportation or ask for more information:

Risto Leppälä

Tel. +358 40 536 3344