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    Vuosaari terminal
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    00980 Helsinki, Finland
    Tel. +358 44 765 1111

    Lyypek terminal
    Kohlenmühle 3
    23569 Lübeck
    p. +358 44769 7777

    Jylhä to build new cargo terminal in Germany

    We have acquired a plot near Travemünde harbor in the city of Lübeck. The plan is to start building during the spring 2015 says Pekka Jylhä, CEO. 

    The terminal will be a new hub for the flow of goods coming in from Germany, Netherlands and Denmark, where it can be combined more efficiently into trucks destined for Finland. Export from Finland will be served by the new terminal in the  same way. There will be cold storage facilities in which tempered goods can be stored temporarily  for example long hauls from southern Europe destined to Finland can be reloaded onto new trucks in this facility. For the drivers there will be a sauna, kitchen, utility areas for washing of clothes, resting and  socializing. Separate rooms for the drivers rest and good sleep. The terminal is planned to be in operation by end of 2015. 

    The address of the new terminal will be in Kohlenmühle, Kücknitz in Lübeck. Distance to Travemünde is only 6,7 kilometres and the motorway 2,4 kilometres. As coordinator for this project and our expansion plans in Germany, we have founded  a subsidiary to our parent company named O.Jylhä Logistik GmbH.

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